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With “More Credit” you’ll get up to 25% extra free

Choose our fantastic new recharge option “More Credit” and when you recharge by either RO 2, RO 5 or RO 10 we’ll give you up to 25% bonus credit to talk, message or surf more.


Recharge Denomination Extra Credit Total Credit (RO) Total credit validity (days)
RO 1 N/A N/A N/A
RO 2 10% extra credit 2.2 10
RO 5 20% extra credit 6 20
R 10 25% extra credit 12.5 25

  • If you opt for the More Credit option, you will receive extra credit as set out above, which is valid for all services (excluding BB subscriptions).
  • The validity period shown in the table above is applicable to the extra and the basic credit.
  • If you wish to recharge with More Credit, you need to dial the following code *115*2*recharge code#.
  • To check your More Credit balance, please dial *102*2#

Offer terms and conditions

  • This Service is applicable for all prepaid customers including business and Shababiah customers.
  • This Service is applicable only on scratch cards and electronic vouchers.
  • Your total credit, including the extra credit, is non-transferable and not available while roaming.
  • You will receive a notification once you recharge and dial the code above.
  • You can subscribe to more than one option at the same time with recharge cards of different amounts.
  • Our existing recharge option will be available as normal.
  • Please note that loyalty points are not available with More Credit.
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